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    TeamOne Logistics, LLC

    Call on the premier provider of outsourced transportation service solutions for all of your oilfield trucking needs. Save time and money with TeamOne Logistics. One call. One Vendor. One Invoice.

    TeamOne Logistics is a transportation management company focused on saving our customers time and money by providing simple, effective logistical solutions. We are dedicated to relieving oil & gas companies from the burdens of secondary functions – thus allowing customers to focus o.n their core business. 

    Simply put, we can get your products or equipment into proper position promptly, safely and efficiently – giving you one less thing to worry about. We can also help you avoid hiring more people by outsourcing your transportation department – which can be an ideal solution for those companies concerned with the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) requirements.

    Innovative Management

    More Options

    Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, TeamOne Logistics offers customers the convenience of getting virtually any transportation job done with one call – one vendor – one invoice.

    Our innovative approach to transportation management is a progressive way of doing business that has been embraced by countless satisfied customers. This individualized approach is known as TranSolutionTM by TeamOne – and it has been proven to work, time and again.

    The vision of TeamOne Logistics has always been to improve service and reduce costs for our customers – but we also provide you with many more benefits and advantages that you can learn more about here.

    TeamOne offers more options than any single carrier, with access to a virtually unlimited number of trucks through our extensive database. In addition, we offer a staff of highly experienced and qualified personnel with extensive knowledge of the transportation industry.

    TeamOne Logistics is proud to be a local, woman-owned company. We are also family owned and operated – and have made a strong commitment to helping our local economy by reinvesting our customers’ dollars into our community. Company president Dwayne Dailey brings 30 years of diverse business experience and expertise toward training ourpersonnel and directing our operations – while also helping to ensure that every customer receives excellent service and complete satisfaction.

    We invite you to contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced account managers – and let TeamOne Logistics take care of it quickly, easily and cost effectively.


    How quickly will my order be processed and completed?
    We try to process all orders on the same business day and have a truck en route on the following business day.
    What information do I need to have ready when placing an order?
    We ask that you have the delivery address, height and weight measurements and a purchase order.
    When will I have to pay for your services?
    We send out billing monthly on jobs in which services have been completed.