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    Installed Oil & Gas Well


    Production Ready June 1...

    Oil & Gas Services

    Our mission is to identify quality low risk oil & gas opportunities by redevelopment of proven reserves throughout south and central Louisiana.  We are constantly looking for growth through previous and potential relationships.

    Exploration & Acquisition


    Many of the fields have already been archived in our database depending on our ability to effectively exploit those reserves.

    Producing properties

    Despite having volumes of previous reserves, we still look at every possibility that presents itself.

    Development & Operation

    Infield drilling

    By strategically placing new inexpensive well sites among our proven fields we have been able to increase our marginal ROI.  This has given us the ability to utilize the full potential of the field quickly and maintain flexibility in future projects.


    We actively manage the health of our production sites.  Wireline and other services are used to provide consistent output from our reserves.


    Our ability to not only identify but perforate at reservoirs along the trajectory has increased with directional drilling and other techniques to efficiently extract as much output as possible. 



    Advances in technology, whether it's recompletions, directional drilling, or work-overs, have given us the ability to exploit proven reserves that were previously inaccessible. 

    Venture Partnerships

    Working interest owners

    Concerns investors who are familiar and comfortable with direct liability for a portion of the ongoing cost and profit associated with exploration, drilling and production.

    Investment partners

    Investing in our work can be through different means depending on ability to contribute to success



    Dailey's has only recently delved into owning and operating but our responsibility and concern is for men and women that make up our workforce.  We place an emphasis on coworker safety and their own successes here.